This week I’ve been busy with some orders and I could not post any pattern, but I promise you this long weekend will post some more. Here you have a DIY bag, made with the Wayuu technique that is simply to crochet the threads (yarns) that are used throughout the work.

If you do not dare to take the needles and want to have this bag, you will find this and other models  in our web site store, and if you like to have with other colors or shapes, with time (since they are handmade products) contact us and we will help you yo design yours to be unique !




1 ball of Cotton spinning mills LM Nature 3.5, Blue Denim.
1 ball of Cotton spinning mills LM Nature 3.5, ecru.
1 marker
1 25 cm zipper
1 handmade leather strap

Crochet needles:

3 mm

Stitches used:

Chain stitch
Single crochet


Cast on 46 chain stitches with blues denim and started knitting bag base according to the graphic:



Each color indicates a different row, is a spiral crochet working, always mark the first stitch around to know where the next row begins.

After making the stitches on the graph we will get 116 basis stitches, on which we work 4 rows without increases, a stitch at each stitch.

Then work following graph:

Colores bolso azul diagrama

This graphic will be repeated twice wide so we have the both sides of the bag.

After making the graph we weave vertically 3 rows more with blue denim, then we bind off. Each grid represents a
Single crochet stitch.
And to sew the zipper, place the strap, and go for a stroll!

Pattern in spanish – Bolso de ganchillo