This jersey is a very simple task for those who want to start with fine wool for baby, it’s simple and easy, all you need is to have a little patience.




Follow the letter A for newborn jersey
Follow the letter B for three months jersey
Follow the letter C for six months jersey


1 ball of Katia White Peques, can be replaced by any baby wool that can be use with 2.5 mm or 3 mm needles.

Optional: 1 skein of perlé number 5, in this case use Mako 5 of Katia gray.
2 small buttons


3 mm Straight needles
1,75 mm Crochet hook

Stitches used:

Garter stitch
Crochet: slip stitch, simple crochet, double crochet and backwards crochet.


No. 3mm needles and garter stitch
25 stitches and 50 rounds: 10 × 10 cm

Jersey tricot pattern:

Neckline and bodice Jersey:

The work begins with the neckline of one piece, with needle No. 3 mm cast on:

A. (Newborn) 61 stitches

B. (3 months) 66 stitches

C. (6 months) 69 stitches.13

Work garter stitch and on the third round to make two loops, the first two stitches of the banks at the beginning of the return of the right to work and the next 6 points in size A, and 7 points in size B and C.

Continue weaving until you have a total of 6 rounds from the beginning

Now begin the armholes as follows:

continue weaving garter stitch

7th round.- A (Newborn) 14 stitches back right side, yarn/strand, 3 stitches, yarn/strand, 4 stitches right sleeve, yarn/ strand, 3 stitches, yarn/strand, 13 stitches front, yarn/strand, 3 stitches , yarn/strand, 4 stitches left sleeve, strand, 3 points, yarn/strand, 14 stitches back left side.

B (3 months) 15 back right side, Yarn/strand, 3 stitches ,yarn/ strand, 5 stitches right sleeve, yarn/strand, 3 stitches, yarn/ strand, 14 stitches front, yarn/strand, 3 stitches, yarn/strand, 5 stitches left sleeve, strand/yarn, 3 stitches , yarn/strand, 15 stitches back left side.

C (6 months) 15 right stitches back, yarn/ strand, 3 stitches , yarn/strand, 6 stitches right sleeve, yarn/ strand, 3 stitches, yarn/strand, 15 stitches front side , yarn/strand, 3 stitches , yarn/strand, 6 stitches left sleeve, yarn/strand, 3 stitches, yarn/strand, 15 stitches back left side.

8th round and pairs rounds (reverse side of the work) knit all right even the yarns/strands.

Continue making armholes increases this same way on the turns of the right side of the work, considering that we must add +1 stitch in the back parts, on the sleeves +2, +2 on the front part.

A. Again increases 18 times: 205 stitches

B.- increases repeat 20 times: 226 stitches

C.- repeated increases 22 times: 245 stitches

Back and Forward Jersey:

After weaving the armholes increases armholes leave the sleeves on hold as follows:
Knitting A- 35 stitches, 38 stitches B-, C- 40 stitches, back right side, leave on hold  A- 40 stitches, B- 45 stitches, C- 50 stitches right sleeve, knit A-55 stitches, B – 60 stitches, C- 65 stitches for the front side, leave stitches on hold A- 40 stitches, B- 45 stitches, C- 50 stitches left sleeve, continue weaving left back side A- 35 stitches, 38 stitches B, C – 40 stitches.

Continue weaving the A-125 stitches, BI- 136 stitches, C- 145 stitches , A- 12 cm, BR- 14 cm, C- 16 cm and bind off the stitches.

Jersey bebe diy facil molan mis calcetas

Jersey Sleeves:

Note.- To avoid some seams can also be knit with circular 3mm needle.

Resume the A- 40 stitches, B- 45 stitches , C- 50 sleeve stitches leaving stitches on hold and knit in garter stitch binding off on both sides.

A. Every 20 rounds : 1 to 1 stitch.

B. Every 28 rounds: twice 1 stitch

C. Every 16 rounds : 4 times 1 stitch

A.- to 11 cm, B.- 13 cm, C- 15 cm bind off  A.- 38 stitches, B- 41 stitches C.- 42 stitches once.

Jersey Clothing and auction:

Optional: With crochet 1.75mm hook and at the perlé, at the neckline make a return to the single crochet and backwards crochet following the stitch.

On the sleeves and in the lower part of body do the same or another lace edging, see on the photo the one used.

grafico jersey blanco bebePuntilla diy jersey bebe  Puntilla manga jubon facil

Cuello jersey diy facil molan mis calcetas

Sew the buttons and the sleeves.

This pattern and more in spanish.



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