When we want to knit for a baby we do not know where to begin from, especially when we have little experience, why not starting with a baby sleeping bag.

A baby sleeping bag like this is very simple and practical complement. Knitted with a soft wool as is the Katia bonbon  the baby sleeping bag will be  very colorful with as easy as garter stitch, and if we get a nice fabric and dare we switch on the sewing machine and line it will be even more spectacular.

I chosse on a cotton fabric with stars of the same color as the wool, you can choose the one which you like the best for your baby sleeping bag.

agujas saco de dormir bebé




5 balls of wool Katia Bonbon

5.5 mm needles

8 wooden buttons 2.5mm

Cotton fabric 120 cm long x 55 cm wide


Stitches used:

Garter stitch
round buttonholes


Cast on 58 stitches on 5.5 mm needles 5.5mm and knit 65 cm garter stitch, put a marker here (back side of the baby sleeping bag), continue weaving garter stitch 10 cm from the marker and start making buttonholes as follows:

Knit 3 stitches , take strand and 2 stitches tog, continue weaving around until they are 5 stitches, kit 2 tog, take strand and knit the last three stitches.

Note: To know then where are the buttonholes, put markers in the holes to make, since the hair and wool can ocultalos then be difficult to see.

Make the rest of the buttonhole in the same way with 12 cm away, when we made the last buttonhole, knit 4 cm and close loosely.

Clothing and auction

We place the fabric and we line the bag, sew buttons and ready for release.

saco de dormir bebe diagrama

Here you are the measures to guide the baby sleeping bag, and enjoy!


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