DIY – Jersey Baby tricot and a tutorial on how to make anemone stitch

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Some chocolates, some flowers, a bag, something DIY, a book … you give to a colleague who every time he sees us the most pleasant hours makes us in our job, this time we learned that soon will be a grandmother, so better way to thank your help giving something handmade for her future grandchild. I hope you enjoy it! This baby jersey is out of the ordinary thanks to Anemone stitch carrying on its front, beyond what it seems is very easy to do and you will have fun, besides being a stitch that moves a lot, because with two rounds you already have a good piece.

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DIY – starting baby sweater pattern::






2 balls of wool gray Lambs wool Phildar 2,5 mm and 3.25 mm Straight needles 2.5 mm and 3.25 mm circular needles 2 Snaps Crochet 2,5mm

Stitches used:

tubular cast on 1 × 1 ribbing stockinette Anemone

Tension (sample):

anemone stitch, 3.25mm needle 10 × 10 cm: 33 stitches, 24 rounds

DIY – Making the back of the jersey:

The baby jersey Back is made of two parts, cast on 18 stitches in the needle of 2.5 mm with a different thread and make the tubular casting. For the two parts to be equal weave with two different balls. Jersey anémona espalda After finishing the tubular casting, there must be 35 stitches on the needle, knit 4 rounds, knit 1 × 1ribbing. Change to needles of 3.25 mm and knit 12 cm in stockinette total length. Make armholes: bind off at  the beginning of the first part (right back side) and in the right side of the work 3 stitches, on the other back part (left back side) at the beginning of the round in the reverse side of the work bind off also 3 stitches, repeat this binding off 2 stitches and then 1 stitch twice. Keep on knitting until you have 20 cm length. Back part neckline: To form the neckline we will bind off on the right side of the work and starting in the second part (left back side), this means that the first part (right back side) is woven without binding off any stitch until you reach the second part (back left side). Bind off 9 stitches, and then in the purl row cast off at the beginning of the other part (right back side) 9 stitches. Repeat this again, but this time casting 7 stitches in each piece. At 21 cm total length standby the stitches and start with the front side.

DIY –  Jersey back part:

In the 2,5 mm needles of 2.5 mm cast on with a different thread 38 stitches and make a tubular cast on, remain on the needle 75 stitches. After finishing the tubular case, 75 stitches will be on the needle, knit 4 rounds knit 1 × 1 ribbing. Change to 3,25mm needles and continue weaving anemone stitch, binding one stitch on the first round. Note: To bind off this stitch simply knit two stitches together at the beginning of the back side of the work to match the anemone stitch.

DIY anemone stitch:

  1. Row.- (reverse side of the work) 1 edge stitch, * 1 purl thread rolling twice on the needle * repeat from asterisk to asterisk, finish with 1 edge stitch. 2- row .- (right side of the work) 1 edge stitch, * 4 stitches to pass the right needle stitches to stretch, turn them to move to the left needle and knit these stitches together now once, P 1 instead of reverse, 1 time, P 1 another upside: 4 stitches* repeat asterisk to asterisk, finish with 1  edge stitch. 3- row.- (reverse side of the work)  1 edge stitch, puro 2 , * 1 purl winding the strand twice on the needle * repeat from asterisk to asterisk, finish with 2 stitches and 1 stitch setback selvage. 4- row.- (right side of the work) 1 edge stitch, knit 2  , * spend 4 stitches to stretch the right needle stitches, return them to move to the left and now knitting needle these stitches together, knit 1, purl 1, kit 1 right and purl another: 4 stitches* repeat from asterisk to asterisk, end knitting 2 stitches and edge stitch.Repeat these 4 rows.
Punto anémona cerca At 12 cm in total length began to form armholes. Armholes: Make the same way we did in the back but with the following decreases: bind off  4 stitches once, 2 stitches  and 1 stitch 2 times 2 times. At 17 cm in total length (continue weaving anemone stitch) forming the neckline. Neckline: band off the 10 central stitches, and then on the side of the neckline; bind off once 4 stitches, once 3 stitches, once 2 stitches, once 1 stitch. At 21 cm total length bind off the stitches are three stitches left holding on, on the needles, each on its right side. Jersey anémona delantero

DIY – Jersey sleeves:

With 2,5 mm circular  case on, in a different color thread 21 stitches, making the tubular casting. At the end of the tubular casting there 41 stitches, knit 1 × 1 ribbing; 4 rounds. Change to 3,25 mm circular needles and jersey knit increasing 1  right at the beginning and end of the round. These increases will be 3 times every 8 rounds: 47 stitches. A 11 cm in total length to shape the sleeve cap casting off first 6 stitches and then the beginning of each round: 2 stitches 5 times, and 3 stitches 1 time. Bind off the stitches left.

DIY – Clothing and auction Jersey:

Sew the body and sleeves in the hollow of the armholes. With the 2,5 mm crochet hook  weave a low turn around the neck and side of the back, and another backwards stitch. Detalles jersey anémona Sew snaps, one 1 cm from neckline and the other at 6 cm.  

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