Jacket with braid Pattern:


LM cotton spinning mills (cotton nature 2.5)
Knitpro Nova straight needles 2mm
Knitpro Nova circular needles 2mm
Crochet needle 2mm
Stitches keeper
Tapestry needle


Garter stitch
Braid stitch (shown in the graph)
Crab stitch



We start with the neckline of the braid jacket.
First row (right side of the knit).
Fit 72 points and knit as follows:
4 stitches to the right (left strip), 1 strand, 1 stitch to the right (left front) strand, 2 stitches to the right (raglan front left), strand 14 stitches to the right (left sleeve), strand, two garter stitches (raglan left) rear, 1 strand 26 stitches to the right (back), 1 strand, 2 garter stitches (raglan right front), 1 strand, 1 stitch (right front), 1 strand, 4 garter stitches (right strip).

Second row (reverse of the Knit) all garter stitches without casting strand.

Let us weave 34 rows about moss stitch, picking the strands in the right turns of the knit, work in the same way that the first row, 1 stitch after the left strip, 1 stitch before and after each raglan, and 1 stitch right before the strip (242 stitches).

Place Stitch
markers to not

Canesu Chaqueta trenza


When we finish these 34 rows knitting, knit 20 stitches and closed the stitches until we have 20 left, to be woven, and the two sides will be left on hold.

We weave the braid.

Trenza Chaqueta

Gráfico chaqueta trenza

We weave until the yoke is surrounded, when we have the necessary length we closed and joined with crochet to the yoke.

on 11



Unir trenza

Unir con punto enano

In the bottom part of the braid we will increase 60 stitches for the sleeves, to calculate where to start to get 60 stitches lead you by the raglan .

Medir raglan

Como levantar puntos 1         Como levantar puntos 2         Como levantar puntos 3

We will get the stitches into the circular needle to weave seamless. We will weave a garter stitch in Circular needle increasing on row 43 a stitch at the beginning and end of the lap, will do this increased another 42 laps, at 16 cm total length close the sleeve (measure from the braid ).

*In the circular needle to remember that for garter stitch, one row is the right side and the other the inside out.

After finishing the sleeves we return to the stitches left apart for the yoke and knit 30 rows.

Tejer puntos en espera

Given that the right side in the first round will make 2 buttonholes, the first to 1cm from the start and the second 4 cm later.


2p juntos der

We sew the beginning and end of the braid to what we just knitting, which is the view of the jacket.

Coser trenza

We weave 20 stitches to the start of the view, and got 110 stitches from the body.

levantar puntos cuerpo

When we get to the 20 stitches of the end simply passed it to the needle.

pasar puntos                pasar puntos

We will now have 150 stitches in the Needle .We weave 2 rows to garter stitch.

We continue:
25 garter stitches, * strand, 1 garter stitch * repeat the inside Asterisk 9 times more, strand, 30 garter stitches, * strand, 1 garter stitch * repeat the inside Asterisk 9 times, 25 garter stitches.

Knit until the body measures 11 cm.

Knit a shot about crab stitch around his neck, finish threads and sew buttons on left front to match the buttonholes.

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