This week the sun has been seen in these parts so moist and we have gone crazy trying to knit for the summer, not to vary start with the children. These bibs are woven with Alabama Katia, 50% acrylic 50% cotton, this range has made us fall in love. us enamored by its pleasant feel and ease when weaving it.

Let’s start with the DIY pattern:

DIY needles pattern breastplate breastplate

DIY patron peto Agujas peto


0/3 months




Dickey main color: blue or pink, 2 balls
Color star or heart, 1 ball
6 buttons


3,5 mm.

Stitches used:

Knit 1 × 1 ribbing

Garter stitch


A garter stitch, needle of 3.5 mm
10X10 cm: 20 stitches, 44 rounds

Dickey realization pattern


The work is woven in one piece

Back part

DIY patron peto Petocorazon3

Cast on 58 stitches with one of the main colors and weave knit 1 × 1 ribbing , in the 5th round make buttonholes of the straps as follows: Knit 18 stitches, cast strand, 2 together, 18 stitches, strand, 2 stitches together, 18 stitiches. Continue weaving knit 1 × 1 ribbing 2.5 cm total length.

Chance to garter stitch , at 16 cm in total length, bind off 11 stitches at both sides  are 36 stitches (about 19 cm).

Form the contour of the leg Dickey

Dwindle on both sides to 3 stitches around the shore Reverse work a total of 11 times, left 14 points.

Note: To reduce knitting two points tog.

Work 4 rounds with 14 points, there are currently 22.5 cm in total length.


DIY patron peto Petocorazon1

Then increase to 3 points of the bank for the return of the right to work a total of 11 times, they get 36 points.

Note: Increase drawing from a point two.

Forming straight knitting buttonholes (4 eyelets on each side), the first in the 3rd round counting from the last round of increases, and the following every 18 rounds, 3 stitches on the edge.

After the last buttonhole work 8 rounds (at this time the work measures 45 cm).

Then give shape to Dickey as follows: on the reverse of the work knit 2 together to 6 stitches of the edge, do this all turns upside down 6 times.

After three laps we weave dwindling and the next turn of the right to work knitting 6 points to close the 12 central points and knit the last 6 points. Working with these stitches straps 22 cm.

Dickey and this fabric, now we heart or star.


DIY patron peto Corazon

It starts from the top, with the color of the heart, in this case white, fitted with 4 points, knit 2 laps garter stitch and increase 1 point each side on every lap until 8 points, let awaiting these points and the other side do the same.

Collect all points: 16 points, knitting garter stitch 6 laps without increasing or decreasing, then dwindle 1 point each side until a point.

Close and sew in the chest and breastplate and DIY just this pattern.



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