Since Father’s Day is nearby and I decided to make a nice amigurimi, I hope you like it!!

My Father is my favorite superhero:


  • Cotton thread (cotton Nature, 3.5 LM spinning)
    Deep blue, red and yellow.
  • Piece of wool roving for toupee.
  • 3mm needle.
  • knitting needles 4.5mm.
  • Stitch marker.
  • Synthetic cotton to fill.
  • Pipe cleaner.


  • Single crochet.
  • Chain stitch.
  • Stockinet stitch.


We will form the body of the P with deep blue.

1st make 6 single crochet stitches in the magic ring
2nd increase in all stitches (12).
3rd round 1 stitch in each stitch (12)
From the 5th to the 8th 1 stitch in each stitch but I work back and forth to make it hole.

Foto 1 patron P

9th resumed the work to continue weaving, weave around and 1 stitch at each stitch(12).

Foto 2 patron P

From the 10th to the 18th a low point in each point (12).
the 19th we weave two single crochet stitch and turn the work and knit a stitch at each stitch to the stitch that before we turn
to the other hole and stay parallel to the first (12).

Foto 3 patron P

From the 20th to the 22nd 1 stitch at each stitch back and go back for forming the hole (12)
The 23rd return to resume the work to continue working on round and knit a stitch at each stitch (12)
Of the 24th to the 32nd 1 stitch on each stitch (12)
33rd six decreases (6).
cut thread and finish off.

We go to the second hole and got 12 stitches around it..

Foto 4 patron P

Weave on spiral these 12 stitches 25 rounds.

Fill and enter the pipe cleaners.

Foto 4 patron P

we sew the piece that just made the first hole thus forming the P.

Foto 6 patron P      Foto 7 patron P


We cast on 15 stitches in a 4.5mm needle and knit 28 laps stockinet stitches.

Foto 8 patron P

First round
garter stitches and
purl second round

We close the points and finish off the threads.
We cut a long strand and thread a needle and make a basting between closing stitches.

Foto 9 patron P

With the ends that remain sew the body layer P.


We cast on 16 chain stitches. Clicking on the second chain do a single crochet in each chain (15 single crochet).
We cut the yarn and the thread that is drawing us make a little stitch to form a ring.
Place the belt on the bottom of the P.
We sew the toupee on top.


This friendly P can be use as keychain, to decorate Dad’s office, to hang in the car or many things you can think of!.


Amigurumi día del padre