DIY Baby Clothes: Here in Galicia seems that the rain did not want to leave, these days even makes some cold … but we are already thinking of the good weather and no change always starting with the smallest of the house, not if it will be so cuckoos are with our creations or because we see everything easier to be smaller labor. No matter the reason, all that matters is the love we put in weaving these garments for our baby.
This set is designed with the new range of Katia Missouri, we chose this wool because the mix of cotton and acrylic product makes more fluffy and soft garment, there is no doubt that any cotton you use also be flattering, trying whenever the Missouri same thickness as not to have to change the pattern and is more convenient and faster your project. I hope you like it as much as we weave liked us to design this set of baby clothes.

Free DIY pattern for baby clothes «Anchor»::


3 balls of Katia Missouri.
9 Wooden buttons.
3mm needles


Moss stitch
Reverse Stockinette
Stockinette stitch
Graphic A, for the anchor


For three months

Knickers(that go over nappies):


It starts with the front.
Casting 40 stitches and knit moss stitch 10 rows.
Change to reverse stockinette and knit 2 rows, considering that the first 4 stitches and 4 last ones are knit in the stockinette stitch.
On the next row of the right side of the work, we do one buttonhole 4 stitches from the edge in both sides. We weave 4 stitches yarn over and 2 together, in the same row at the end, when there are 6 stitches left, knit 2 together, yarn over and knit the last 4 as presented (in the right).
We weave 9 rows more, and in the next right round we make again the buttonholes.
We weave 9 rows more, we again make buttonholes.
We weave 5 rows more and began to decrease to start shaping the groin.


The decreases are to be made on the right side of the work 9 times, 22 stitches will remain on the needle.
To decrease, we will do as follows:
On both sides, 4 stitches from both edges, purl 2 together; knit 4 stitches, purl 2 together and when there are 6 stitches left in the same round, purl 2 together and then the 4 knit stitches of the end ( the right).
After the decreases we weave with those 22 stitches 10 rounds.
On the next round in the right increase 6 stitches the work spread (28 stitches) (to match the graphic «A»).
Now we begin to shape legs as follows:
4 stitches on both sides make one increase, knit 4 stitches , do one increase and when 6 stitches are left in the same row, we do 1 increase and them the last 4 stitches(right side), we do this increases 9 times.

On lap which coincides with the third increase we started doing the anchor graphic.

Important note: In the Knickers rounds 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 not made, we go from 16 to 23.

Prendas para bebe diagrama patron ancla

1 * – 4 stitches crossed to the right: Pass 2 stitches to a cable needle, back side of the work, knit the next 2 stitches  and then knit the ones in the auxiliary needle.

2 * – 3 stitches crossed to the right: Pass 1 stitch to a cable needle, back side of the work, knitting the next two stitches and then purl the stitch on the cable needle.

3 * – 3 stitches crossed to the left: Pass 2 stitches to a cable needle in the front of work, purl the next stitch and knit the 2 stitches that are in the cable needle.

4 *2 crossed stitches: Pass 1 stitch to a cable needle, back side of the work, knit the next stitch and then purl the one in the cable needle.

5 * – 2 stitches crossed to the left: Pass 1 stitch to a cable needle, purl and then knit the one in the cable needle.
* Note– The photo of the diagram and all of the others in the page when you click on them, not come to open completely, if you want to increase the image, you only have to give click right-> open in a new window and have it apart.

We weave 6 rows but without increases, and on the next row of the right of the work increase 14 stitches on both sides.




Continue straight and once we completed the graphic we do 6 rows more.
On the next lap we start making moss stitch, decreasing in the first round 10 stitches spread out to make it more straighten on the waist, work about 9 times more moss stitch and bind off.

In the bottom of the anchor get 4 stitches to do stockinette knitting until you have the desired length, bind off and sew around, and sew on buttons.

Ropa de bebe Patron gratis ancla   Donde empezar el ancla



Casting 114 stitches and knit moss stitch 8 rounds.

Now knit stockinette revers 6 rounds, but the first 5 stitches and the last 5 follow go on moss stitch for the strip on back (will be held until the end of the piece), after weaving these 6 rounds we follow knitting stockinette reverse to make the anchor graphic.
At 13 centimeters in total length, separate the work into 3 parts, 31 stitches for each back, and center 52 stitches. (front side)
We weave first the left back left because it is the one what we will find at the beginning of the turn. We weave stockinette stitch, except the 5 first  stitches that continue to be moss stitch, in which we make 3 buttonholes, the first in the first round and the other two 5 centimeters away about 2 stitches on the edge, 23 centimeters in total length,  hold on the stitches and continue with the front side.
We take the 52 stitches of the front, knit reverse stocking stitch and to go on with the anchor graphic .
At 20 centimeters in total length form the neckline, we bind off  the 16 central stitches and continue each side separately binding of 3 times a stitch next to the neckline, hold on the stitches.
* Note: You can hold on the stitches instead of binding them off as they will be woven to form after neck.
Back right: knitted like the left side, but without buttonholes.
Close to three needles shoulders.
Sleeves: Cast on 46 stitches and knit 8 laps moss stitch, we continue weaving stockinette reverse increasing 10 stitches distributed in the first round, we weave 6 rounds we increased 1 stitch to both sides, in the next round of weave right 6 rounds  and bind off, sew them to the body jersey.


Collect stitches neck and knit 4 rounds moss stitch.
* Note: If before were left standby would be more comfortable to form the neck.

Binding off:

Form the bottom of the anchor as we did in the knickers, and sew on buttons.

Ropa de bebe Patron gratis cubrepañal ranita    Ropa de bebe Patron gratis jersey


Ropa de bebe Patron gratis Ancla2    Ropa de bebe Patron gratis Ancla3

If you see that you do not dare to do this, here you can find some easier our friend Nora.

This set of clothes for baby is a bit advanced, but I think is worth it, any questions, you know!

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