Crochet Purse patterns , 2 DIY patterns

You can Keep your summer memories in a special place done by yourself, keep them these crochet purses.

My drawers are so full  of threads (yarns) remains that  they are hardly closed, plenty of colours showing out, my head activates inmediately!! And wants to use them all to make some room for the new season materials. Idon’t want the summer to get to the end, a summer filled with sea rounds, hot sand under my feet, warm sunsets, the summer laughter; all these things are hardly find in the coldest seasons of the year.

As I’m always follow by my neeadles, is easy for me to reflect my work in this relaxing  period I’m spendind, done in the best place with the best company.

Fish& sea crochet purse



Used materials:

They can be done withthreadremains, thesecrochetpursesweredonewith:
Blue 3.5 LM spinning
White 3.5 LM spinning
1 8cm ball clasp (metal bag frame)
3mm needle

Stitches used:

Chain stitch
Single crochet stitch


Ch. st= chain stitch
Sc.=single crochet
Hdc= half double crochet
Dc=double crochet
Trc= triple crochet
rep from*to* = repeat from *to*
Inc= increase
dec= decrease

Making up:

Monedero de ganchillo mar Medida boquilla

In blue:

1º – round– magicring 6 single crochet stitches.

2º – round – all increases (12).

3º – round – *1sc, 1 inc.* (18).

4º – round– *2sc, 1 inc.* (24).

5º – round– *3sc, 1 inc.* (30).

6º – round– *4sc, 1 inc.* (36).

7º – round– *5sc, 1 inc.* (42).

8º – round– *6sc, 1 inc.* (48).

9º – round – *7sc, 1 inc.* (54).

10º to 16 – rounds– 1sc in each stitch (54).

17º to 20 – rounds– 1sc in each stitch always following the graphic(18).

monederos de ganchillo grafico1

21º to 24 – rounds– in White thread \yarn 1 Sc.ineach stitch.

Fish for the crochet purse.

1º – round – magic ring 6 single crochet stitches.

2º – round – *1 Sc., 1 inc.* (9).

3º – round – *Inc., 2 Sc.* (12).

4º – round– *3 sc., 1 inc.* (15).

5º – round– 1 Sc. In each stitch.

6º – round– 1sc., 1 inc., 4 Sc., 1 inc., 4 Sc. 1 inc., 3 Sc.(18).

7º y 8º – rounds– 1sc. Ineach stitch.

9º – round– 1dec., 4sc., 1dec., 4sc., 1dec., 2sc., 1dec.(14).

10º – rounds – 1sc., 2dec, 2sc., 1dec., 3sc., 1dec. (10).

Fill in the crochet fish.

11º – round – all dec. (5).

12º – round– all inc.(10).

13º – round– all inc.(20).

14º – round – in White 1 Sc in each stitch, cast off the crochet fish.(15).


Making up and cast off:

First sew the ball clasp (metal purse frame) to the purse.


Do 5 chain stitches in Whitecolortojointhefishtothegrommetthatishangingfromtheball clasp.

Cadeneta- pez-monedero-de-ganchillo    Cadeneta-pez2-monedero-de-ganchillo


Second crochet purse: Island.



Materials needed:

It can be done with threads or yarn remains, these crochet purses weredonewith:
3,5LM sand spinning
3,5 LM blue spinning
3,5LM light blue spinning
Green, Brown and beige Panama from Katia.
8cm ball clasp/ metal frameforpurse.
3mm needle
2mm needle

Stitches used:

Chain stitch
Single crochet stitch
Half doublecrochet stitch
Double crochet

Island purse making up

We start the base of the crochet purse with sand color and a 3mm needle.

1st-round – cash in 11 chain stitches and on the second chain, 1 Sc. In the following 9 chain stitches, 3 Sc. In the last chain stitch, then continue the crocheting below the single crochet stitches already done, in the late stitch (the first done) do 2single crochet stitches (22).
2nd – round– Inc. 8 Sc., 1 inc.,1 Sc., 8 Sc., 1 Inc., 1 Sc.(26).
3rd – round– 1 Sc., 1inc., 8 Sc., 1 Inc., 3 Sc., 1inc., 8sc., 1 Inc. 2 Sc.(30).
4th – round– 2 sc., 1 Inc., 8 Sc., 1 Inc., 5 Sc., 1 Inc., 8sc., 1 Inc.,, 3 Sc.(34).
5th– round- 3 sc, 1inc., 8 sc, 1inc., 7sc., 1inc., 8sc., 1inc., 4sc. (38).
6th– round– 4sc, 1inc., 8sc., 1inc., 9sc, 1aum, 8sc., 1inc, 5sc.(42).
7th– round– 5sc, 1inc.,8sc., 1inc., 11sc., 1inc., 8sc., 1inc., 6sc.(46).
8th – round– 22 Sc., 1inc., 22sc., 1inc.(48).
9th y 10th – rounds– 1sc.in eachstitch (48).

Follow the graphic to get the crochet purse done:


Do 9 moreroundsin light blue.

Close leaving a log yarn /thread.

Piece of palm tree for the crochetpurse

In beige Panamá and with a 2mm needle.

Do 11 chainstitches, thenhookonthesecondchainandwedo 2sc.,2 dc, 1dc.inc., 2dc.,3 Sc.

Close leasing a long thread/yarn tosewlater.

Leaves for the crochet purse 2×8

inGreenPanamáand 2mm needle.

Do 7chain stitches, then hookthe 2ndchainstitchanddo 1sc.,1dc,1trc.,1dc,1sc.

Close leaving a long yarn/thread to sew.

Coconuts for the crochet purse2x6.

Inbrownwitha 2mm needle.

En color marrón y aguja de 2mm

Magic ring, 6 long stitches.

Close leasing a long thread/yarn tosewlater.

Sun for the crochet purse x2.

1st round .- 6 Sc in the magic ring.

2nd round.- increase in all stitches. (12)

3rd round.- *1 sc, 1 inc* rep from* to* (18)

4th round- *1 sc, 1 inc* rep from*to* (27)

5th round.- *do 5 chain stitches, hook on de 2nd chain and do:1sc,1hdc.,2dc, skip 2sc.from the base and do 2sc*rep from *to*(7rounds).

Cast off and leave a longthread/yarn, thesetwopartsaresewn together.

Crochet purses –making up:

Sew the trunk, the leavesandthe coconuts.


Sew first the trunks in theupperpartoftheIsland.


Sewthe leaves, trying not toputthemhigh, sow heny ouput the clasp they are not covered.


Sew the coconuts.


Sew the clasp.

Coser boquilla cocos monedero de ganchillo mar

Sea and fill in the Sun, and put it in the crochet Island Purse, the same way as we did with the fish in the Sea Purse.


In MolanMisCalcetas, we can offer you more interesting complements, any doubt with any pattern do not hesitate in asking us, we would be grateful to answer.