As you can see, we weren’t out for holidays, I hope you`ll like this crochet dress.

Crochet dress DIY pattern:

Agujas crochet dress


Cotton spinning LM cotton nature 3.5

8 balls pink

3mm hook

Crochet Stitchest:

Chain stitches

Single crochet

Slip stitch

Double crochet

Half double crochet


This crochet dress is 38-40 size, but increasing some more chains you can get another size.

First part crochet dress:

We prepare the chain stitches until we have the whole base for the dress (104 cm= 195 stitches), join the with a slip stitch for a round crochet, follow the graph:

Chain stitches:cadeneta

Slip stitch:punto enano

Punto bajo:punto bajo

Half double crochet:punto medio alto

Double crochet:punto alto

Vestido crochet romantico en rosa grafico 1

Repeat 2 times more, Attention!! the four is same than 8.

These rounds are from the 1º to the 15º. After these rounds we would repeat the next graph until de scye:    Vestido crochet romantico en rosa grafico 15 -21


Repeat until scye.

The length of the dress is a personal decision; the only rule is to complete the sequence.


This is the graphic of the right side of the work. Vestido crochet romantico en rosa sisas     Vestido crochet romantico en rosa cuello Vestido crochet romantico en rosa grafico 2 The back part begins two rounds before.

*Arrow**The other scye starts at this point and weaves same but in reverse*.

Vestido crochet romantico en rosa espalda   Vestido crochet romantico en rosa grafico 3

The edge of the neck and the scye you have to do the work on the square. As the dress is really lace, we put an under dress nearly the same color underneath.

As usual we are likely to answer any doubt you could have, we prefer you to do it down here so everybody could solve the same doubts.

Hope you enjoy this style!!!

Easy Crochet dress!.

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