We have become mad with bag done in crochet with the wayuu technic, one for each day of the week, do you agree?.

I leave here the last thing we have done, this summer we will have them in all colors. Remember for those who have not even dared to take the needle, but I’d love to look these crochet accessories made handmade, you can find them in our website shop.




1 ball of spinning LM Cotton Nature 3.5, green Mermaid.

1 ball of spinning LM Cotton Nature 3.5, white color.

1 ball of spinning LM Cotton Nature 3.5, color pink makeup.

1 scoreboard 1 rack of 25 cm.

1 handcrafted leather strap.

Crochet needles:

3 mm

Stitches used:

Chain stitch (ch st)

Single crochet (Sc)


With green siren color cast on 50 chains and start to weave the base of the bag according to the graph:

Gráfico base de bolso a crochet

In the graph each color indicates a row.


The graph indicates with each color a different row, we have to work  in spiral, always mark the first stitch of the row to know where to start the next round.

After finishing the graph we will have 120 basis stitches, in which we will have to work 2 rounds without increases, a stitch at each stitch, then change to white and give and 1 round, change to pink makeup and another round, then follow the chart of colors:

diagrama crochet bolsos azteca


Crochet bag has a total of five patterns, which are between the arrows.

After making the graph vertically we weave 3 more rounds in green mermaid, bind off and finish.

We sew the zipper and put the leather strap.

These crochet bags are very similar, making one you can do them like hotcakes!

So I encourage you to start the project and as usual if you have any question don’t hesitate asking me.

Spanish version crochet bags