A quick and easy interface to create your knit patterns.

It is a simple editor of tricot patterns designed to be simple and agile, where in a matter of a couple of minutes we can have our printed stitches in an image ready to save or share, the operation is very easy and intuitive by the way it is explained.



The editor is composed of 2 main parts, one of them is the floating menu:

Menu editor tricot

: menu can be moved to any part of the screen where its more comfortable for us to use, by moving it from the top, and consists of two buttons:

fart stitches:

by clicking on each tricot stitch is added it automatically to our chart in the last position , if we want to insert them into any other place of the graph we can click on that point and drag it there, by  letting loose the button; the stitch has been added to the chart.

An important point of these stitches is the last two ones, that are decreased but could not be dragged, since clicking on them a window will be open, asking to enter the number of boxes in the cross stitch, if we mark 1 added us a decrease one, if we mark 2 or more we will give account to inserted a cross tricot stitch of boxes that we have indicated.

Side button:

this button will find buttons to interact with our graphic, as you can see is quite simple, the button +; adds a new round to the graph, the image button; generates a snapshot of our graphic, we can generate as many as we considerate, button insert text; insert text within our legend window but we can move wherever we want , and the Trash button, beware of this that will delete everything we pass over..

The second part :



Grafico de editor tricot

here is where our tricot graph will grow, the stitches that you have already inserted  can be moved and swapped the rows by dragging them or deleting them by double clicking on it, apart from passing them throughout  the trash previously mentioned, the workspace is designated by the white color and it will grow as our graphic grows, although from  the low part can enlarge or reduce it as we want.

In the right part you can insert the stitches we use in  the graph to be able to describe them, insert them , we drag a stitch from the menu and release it in its initial part, it will be placed, also can expand it or reduce it as you like. (Beware ; the part to release the dragged point is always the left side).


This part to appear in the snapshot done, should be in the editor’s white part.

This version is not available for phones or tablets.

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