July 12, 2016
I usually don’t get myself in projects like this, not because I don’t like the crafts for babies newly born and mostly the knit jackets, but because although the garment is small, the complexity of elaboration of this knit jacket makes me much time, and time is really important because I have quite little, when I have thousands of projects that I want to share, classes to prepare and try to keep learning techniques and tricks.

But when a student makes “you eyes” and says to me that she would love to have a Garment made by me grabbing her bulky belly, that belly that have seen grow day by day in my classroom, It’s all said, couldn’t resist to that look, and I had to start to knit this jacket-jerkin. Although the original idea is out from a wool mark, I have to say, I had to take note of many things before I took the needles, since it comes with many mistakes and thus take this opportunity to explain step by step a garment that many do not decide to do because the lack of information that they give us in some magazines with crafts for newborn babies , but before you start, you have to think that it is not an easy task, time and patience are needed, but with enthusiasm and affection, is that everything is achieved. So… courage!

First of all, before beginning the pattern of this Cardigan for a newborn, I want to tell you the wool that I used, on this occasion I decided to choose a Portuguese wool called Fofinhos de Rosarios4, the truth is that I already have it woven and I will say that it is a thread that falls in love with just the moment you touch it, have an extremely soft, ideal for the skin of our babies and weaving it is very nice , if you have occasion to try it do not hesitate to do so, won’t let you down… and the price is excellent, to say in our neighboring country that it’s an expert in yarn, really I can’t wait to use their ecological wool ecological, if I do that, I’ll tell you.

Difficulty of the Cardigan :

very high



Cardigan –doublet materials::

2 balls of Rosarios4 Fofinhos, pink number 06
1 ball of perle Katia Mako-5, light grey number 124
Circular needles KnitPro Karbonz 2.25 mm
5 buttons

Tricot stitches used:

Garter stitch
Stockinette stitch
“Scale” stitch (slip one purl stitch, purl 1, repeat the sequence one round, then purl the next round).
combined stitch (see graphic)

Stitch gauge:

with needles 2.25 mm and combined stitches: 18 stitches and 24 rounds: 5 X 5 cm

Making up- doublet for newborn:

this work is woven way and return, to be woven in this way straight needles can be used.

Body of the Cardigan – doublet:

we started the Cardigan transversely, i.e. that starts from the right side of the back and ends on the left side of the back of the jacket, so in the parts indicated, the rounds will be shortened to form a stitch yoke and also form the sleeves.

With wool, we cast on with 58 stitches, and weaving with garter stitch 10 rounds, this part is the strip of button that has no buttonholes.
Follow with wool, weaving 2 rounds in stockinette (see our stitches section).

We started with the Perlé in the Cardigan, and weave 2 rounds in scale stitch.

“Scale” stitch for the Cardigan:

1st round (right side of the work). * purl 1, slip one purl stitch(remember to put the thread as to purl * repeat from asterisk to Asterisk.
2nd round (back side of the work). Purl all stitches.

From now on, the two kinds of thread used in this Cardigan are interspersed, at the beginning of each round of the right side of work, Interweave the two strands so they will rise at the same time and thus avoid cutting when you use them.

Chaqueta de punto Entrelazar hilos

We Continue with the Cardigan –doublet

before continue the cardigan, divide the work with a marker to know which is part of the yoke and which the part of the body, the yoke that it is the left part, has 20 stitches and the body that is the right part has 38 stitches.